Important Dates

April 15               Paper submission system reopened
June 15               Papers due
August 17           Notification of acceptance/rejection
September 4     Deadline for authors whose papers are conditionally accepted to submit a revised manuscript
September 22   Deadline for authors to submit final Manuscript for publication
October 1          Deadline for at least one author of each paper to register for the conference

Dear Author,

We welcome you to one of the largest and most impactful communities of researchers in the field of MIS and system sciences. Through these years of research co-creation, HICSS authors have generated a sustained stream of innovative research ideas with 20,000+ publications, and many of them have resulted in seminal work. Overall, acceptance rate for HICSS was 48%.

Please read carefully the instructions below. Notably, papers are blind reviewed by at least three referees and minitrack chairs. For accepted papers to be included in the Proceedings, authors are required to attend the conference to present them.

Accepted papers will be considered for best papers awards. Also, do not miss the opportunity to publish your HICSS work to journals affiliated with HICSS.

We thank you for being part of the HICSS research O’hana (the Hawaiian word for family) and we are looking forward to your continued contributions to HICSS.

Conference Chair

HICSS papers emphasize advances in research and development activities in several areas of the system sciences. Papers may be theoretical, conceptual, tutorial, or descriptive in nature.

  • All papers must be submitted to a minitrack. Minitracks are part of our 12 larger tracks and an invited track. Make sure you understand the focus of a minitrack before submitting your paper to ensure you are submitting to the best possible fit for your research.
  • HICSS papers must contain original material. They may not be previously published, nor currently submitted elsewhere. You may contact the Minitrack Chair(s) or Track Chair for guidance or verification of content. If you are not sure of the appropriate Minitrack, submit a preliminary abstract to the Minitrack Chair(s) or Track Chair via email for determination. If a paper accepted at HICSS was found to be unoriginal, it will be pulled out from the conference proceedings.
  • Submit a paper to only one Minitrack. Submissions to more than one minitrack may result in rejection by either minitrack without consultation with author.
  • HICSS prohibits the addition of authors after initial submission/review, except in convincingly justified and extenuating circumstances. The Conference Chair must approve any additional names added. To seek approval, please send a written request to
  • Do not author or co-author more than 5 papers.

Acceptance is based on a strict peer review in a double-blind process from June through August of each year. After a careful review by a special committee in each track, Best Paper Awards are presented to the selected paper from each track in recognition of their superior research performance.

Author Instructions

1. Prepare manuscript
* Please prepare your initial manuscript using the Initial Format Specifications in word format or the LaTeX Format Specifications (Download zip) (Use Overleaf Template).
* References and in-text citation should be in line with the format recommended by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The 7th edition is preferred.
* List all bibliographical references in 9-point Times, single-spaced, and in an alphabetical order at the end of your paper. They do not have to be numbered.
* The initial manuscript must not have author names. Author’s information must be removed from the Latex format.
* Paper must not exceed ten pages (including references).

2. Submit initial manuscript as PDF to Paper Submission and Review Site
* Paper submission system will be up and running on April 15.
* If you do not have a PDF converter, please visit to get your source file converted online at no cost.
* In the paper submission form, please make sure that the list of authors that you enter is accurate. HICSS prohibits the addition of authors after initial submission, except in convincingly justified and extenuating circumstances.
* Final date for submission is June 15, 11:59 PM Hawaii time.

3. Receive decision Acceptance/rejection notification
* The notification will be sent by August 17, 11:59 pm Hawaii Time.
* If you do not receive your decision by August 20, please contact HICSS Conference Office immediately.

4. Revise paper Accepted with Modification Required (A-M) and Resubmit to Paper Submission and Review Site
* If your acceptance is A-M, you must make specified changes, and submit your paper for reconsideration, still without author names.
* The revised version of the A-M papers must be submitted by September 4, 11:59pm Hawaii time.
* Contact HICSS Conference Office at if you do not receive a revised decision by September 11, 11:59 Hawaii time.

5. Secure funding and make visa/travel/hotel arrangement
* Please complete and pay for your conference registration, then contact HICSS Conference Office via email at to request an invitation letter. As visa requests can take several months, registrants are strongly encouraged to contact us the soonest possible.

6. Prepare final paper
* Please prepare the final manuscript according to the Final Format Specifications in a word format or the Final LaTeX Format Specifications (Download zip) (Use Overleaf Template).
* You are allowed to make minor changes before submitting for publication.
* You must add author names, affiliations, and email addresses.
* HICSS prohibits the addition of authors after initial submission, except in convincingly justified and extenuating circumstances. Conference Chair must approve any additional names added. To seek approval, please send a written request to
* Authors’ information in the manuscript must match authors’ information that you submitted to the Paper Submission form at the time of submission. Paper metadata to be included in the Proceedings is generated from a record of your paper in the Paper Submission System.
* Header, footer, and page number must be left out.

7. Submit final paper to Paper Submission and Review Site to Paper Submission and Review Site
* Please follow detailed instructions for submitting final paper in your acceptance email message.
* Submit your Final Paper anytime between September 12 – September 22.

8. Register for the conference
* At least one author of each paper must register by October 1. Papers without a registered author will not be included in the Proceedings.

9. Present your paper at the conference
* Papers without presentation at the conference will be removed from the proceedings. Online presentation is not an option. Exceptions will not be made. 
* Depending on a number of papers in a session, a presentation should be 10-15 minutes. Each presentation should be followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A and discussion.
* Authors should plan to attend a meeting with Minitrack Chairs at 5pm on the first day of the conference. At this meeting, Minitrack Chairs will 1) provide an overview of how sessions will be conducted, 2) ​confirm the time allowed for each presentation, 3) coordinate logistics for the sessions.

Fast-Track Opportunities to Journal Publications

As of today, there are 39 journal publications that provide fast track opportunities to selected high-quality HICSS-57 papers. Please contact minitrack chairs of the listed minitracks to explore these opportunities.

HICSS is the #1 IS conference in terms of citations as recorded by Google Scholar. Opportunities to fast track HICSS papers for journal publications are also available in some areas of research.