The goals of this tutorial are to inform and guide researchers in the practice of netnographic research. The half-day session introduces netnography and explains its recent evolution in the systems science field with an emphasis on specific hands-on methods for conducting this style of research and examples of its successful completion. The tutorial will provide participants with a solid introduction to the operations, opportunities, and challenges of netnography within the broader context of qualitative social media research. The session will be led by a researcher who authored five books covering the method and its applications.

At the end of this hands-on half-day session (bring your own computers and social media research topics!), participants will be able to:

  • Discern and develop appropriate topics and questions for netnographic research;
  • Articulate the main movements and procedures that distinguish a netnography project from other approaches;
  • Discuss the ethical challenges in netnography and how they can be addressed;
  • Describe the conceptual bases of new and emerging forms of netnography such as the auto-netnography, transformative netnography, and more-than-human netnography;
  • Explain the opportunities and challenges of incorporating AI and natural language processing procedures into netnographic research.

SWT Leaders:

Robert Kozinets (Primary Contact)
University of Southern California

Ulrike Gretzel
Netnografica LLC